Tuesday 28th June 2016

Netherlands Seedbox Servers Server TROLL Down

We seem to have an issue with server TROLL. Some of the hard drives on the disk (including the OS disk) are offline. This caused the whole server to be down and not being able to reboot. We have notified the datacenter to check it out. Seems there might be a hardware issue involved (possibly failed backplane expander)

UPDATE1 - 3AM: Seems like the main OS disk of the server has completely failed. We are initiating a disk replacement, which will be followed by a OS reinstall. We will need several hours to restore the server.

UPDATE2 - 7AM: Datacenter is little bit slow during night hours, they promised us that the disk will be replaced within the next hour. As soon as the replacement is complete, we will begin the restoration of the server which should not take more than an hour.

UPDATE3 - 9AM: Disk is replaced, we are already working on restoring the OS

UPDATE4: 10:50AM: Server is back online. We are finishing some final configuration regarding the Plex server.

UPDATE5: Restoration of the server is complete. Server is fully functional and back online. Thank you for your patience