Tuesday 14th February 2023

Netherlands Seedbox Servers Server Echidna

Disks have been migrated to new servers and the accounts are now back online. All clients previously hosted on ECHIDNA, please check that everything works as expected, and please open a support ticket if you have any issues. Please note that you should check your new configuration in your client area. Seedbox and Apps urls should be the same, however there should be some differences in some ports used (like the SSH port of your service for instance).

There is still a small issue, that during the migration of the disks, we are missing a single disk from server ECHIDNA. Possibly the datacenter technicians forgot to migrate this disk, or did not place it correctly on the new server. We are waiting for them to check this out. This only affects 3 users that were on this disk. Once this issue is also resolved, we will update the status of the issue as completed.