Saturday 17th October 2015

Netherlands Seedbox Servers Server Scylla Update

Server SCYLLA is now back online. We removed the failed disk enclosure, and we booted the server with the remaining disks. In the mean time, we will order a replacement for the enclosure, but this should not have any effect on the service, as the second disk enclosure operates normally at the moment.

The only drawback of this, is that we had to move disk20 and disk25 away from SCYLLA, and to server LOCHNESS instead, since there was no other disk bay available on server SCYLLA. The users affected will be notified by email shortly, with their new account details to the new server.

All other accounts on server SCYLLA, should be back online and operating normally

We will continue to monitor the server for the rest of the day, to be sure that there are no remaining issues